Listmania comes to city rankings for yoga

There is an unhealthy fascination with lists on the web so the news should not be surprising.

Forbe’s has published a List of Top 10 Cities for Yoga, and Washington is in a tie for fourth place, in a tie with New York City. Somehow, Los Angeles does not make the list, though you’d probably have to divide up suburbs. San Diego does.

Who elected Forbe’s as the arbiter of yoga status among U.S. cities and why?

To determine the top U.S. cities for yoga, we turned to data from the marketing firm GfK MRI, which conducted surveys in 205 markets last year, asking participants whether they practiced yoga, and if so, how frequently and for how long.

To be fair, Alice G. Walton has written multiple articles about yoga, meditation and neuroscience so we can’t ascribe her motives to the latest run on Lululemon stock.