Sexual Predators in the Yoga World

A link to this blog came through my Inbox this morning so I decided to pass it on since several of my YTT buddies have interest in  treatment of veterans for post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma, as well as the power issues in the yoga classroom. The site has been around for 30 months so there is plenty to chew on.

Sexual Predators in the Yoga World | WarRetreat.
Jillian and I feel obliged to mention this problem to veterans. Especially men and women who have suffered sexual trauma while in the military. We wonder if rape and sexual harassment go underreported in the yoga world. We wish someone would start keeping track. We understand, given the “celestial fog” many yoga teachers bask in, that reporting a popular person for inappropriate and abusive acts is beyond difficult. The last thing we want –is to ignore the issue, and send anyone blindly into a studio. Remember, you are your own guru.