When a high-tech magazine starts reporting yoga news

Yoga Suit Settlement Beggars Open Source Ideals: “As it stands right now, Choudhry’s copyright claims, which looked vulnerable before the settlement, will remain unchallenged by the courts. Unless he has made confidential assurances to OSYU, Choudhry is free to importune other instructors, into paying fees to practice his style of yoga if they aren’t in a position to marshal the time and effort to wage a legal challenge as OSYU did.” eWeek John Pallatto is mainly interested in the software ramifications of the suit between Bikram and the Open Source Yoga Unity. What probably happened is that it dawned on the group of rebellious instructors that they were going to end up in appeals for the next 10 years, paying a lawyer to represent them, giving depositions and getting strangled financially. Although principles are nice, you can’t eat them. Bikram has far more resources for this kind of game. I am just guessing because both parties are bound to silence on the settlement terms.

Postscript: Stretching and twisting, yoga guru settles copyright case (SFGate.com – no longer available online, but search turned up another story.) provides more information.