Yoga pants, what else?

America (and Canada) is obsessed about yoga pants.

That leaves nothing else to write about in a yoga blog, but the predicament that Lululemon finds itself in after letting substandard merchandise get out the door. This time around, the drooling is not about Lululemon’s profit margins. I am not going to link to all the coverage in the blogs, mainstream media or business news sites because it would just encourage the prurient interest in see-through apparel.

This incident also shows how many media outlets want to fetishize yoga, simplifying the spread of the practice across mainstream American culture into an example of commercial branding targeted at an upscale niche market. Lululemon’s going to sell more than $1.5 billion in sports apparel this year, even if it recalls all the faulty pants. I almost expect some kind of fashion twist that will keep the pants on the mats — the bottom equivalent of a sports bra?


I’ve been dragging around the sequel of a persistent, bad head cold for the past two weeks, which means that I have not gone to class. Every morning I wake up expecting to have finally kicked it, but it lingers on. I’ve taken two handkerchiefs to work to handle the drainage.