Career milestone as yoga learners (and instructors)

Photo: students and teachers of yoga training
Thrive Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training July Intensive (2013). Students and teaching staff. We’re so psyched to get past the milestone.

Today, the latest cohort of yoga teachers from Thrive Yoga passed the threshold of delivering their practicum (a 30-minute mock class). It may not have been the most demanding jury (classmates and teachers), but it sure felt as if we had leaped over a mountain. Considering that we began our forced march on July 9, we covered an enormous amount of yogic terrain. Two of my classmates completed all their requirements and got their certificates today. The rest of us have to complete the homework assignments and observe some classes.

I admit that I was one of the slackers because it required a lot of me just to absorb the daily practice and the YTT classes. I was lucky to have compassionate classmates and teachers who encouraged me after I had tied myself in knots during my first practicum. All of us laid bare a lot of vulnerability and self-doubt in the process of standing up as yoga practitioners aspiring to be teachers.  I am sure that the most heart-opening lessons will come as the experience matures and yields its fruit. It’s going to take time to process all this “stuff.”

As the only male in this group, all I can say is “You go, girls! Namaste!”

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