A hangover from yoga teacher training

Photo: by Michael Smith at Thrive Yoga
One foot forward

Well, not  a real hangover. I just had one small glass of excellent red Greek wine at a Greek restaurant called Trapezaria where we rendezvoused for the class celebration in Rockville. Since I had a light breakfast and had eaten only some fruit and nut bars during the day, I was starving by the time we sat down at the table. I wolfed down pita bread and dips (six options), and then dug into the entree. I even had room for a few spoonfuls of dessert. I plan on coming back to the restaurant soon because it has good vegetarian dishes, a must for my son Matthew.

Once at home, I felt as if I were some stock animal that had been overfed prior to slaughter. Too much food, too much variety. I also think I was dehydrated from doing yoga all day and not drinking enough water. I had worked late processing photos from the last day of class. My digestive system was working overtime well into the wee hours. I guess you can cause ahimsa (non-harm in Sanskrit) to yourself by overindulging (but I already knew that).

Several of my classmates said they were going to get together for one last session of morning yoga at Thrive Yoga, but I could not pull myself out of bed and slept in to 9:30.  I woke up aching and sluggish. I downed my first cup of coffee and contemplated my agenda. For the past month, I have given priority to yoga teacher training so many other tasks and family affairs were left undone or on maintenance mode. I have got my work cut out for my over the next few weeks just to catch up and then going into proactive mode in shaping my future.

Life gradually shifts back to “normal,” but I don’t think “normal” will ever be the same.