Photos of an asana lab at Thrive Yoga teacher training

Photo: a yoga teacher adjusts a student's pose
Ugonma Fontaine adjusts Jessica Black during a “teaching beginners” class.

Breaking down yoga asana is a central exercise in yoga teacher training. We’ve spent a lot of time on it since the first day of the YTT intensive. Each teacher has taken a different approach and all the students are encouraged to develop a keen eye for detail in alignment. Students also enjoy bending their alignment so that we can find targets for adjustment. After all, each one of us already has perfect alignment in all asanas (not!).  It’s a delicate balance between allowing yoga students to express their bodies freely, and avoiding alignments or habits that could injure them or prevent them from advancing in their practice. Since this is a 200-hour training, we won’t tackle the more advanced asanas.

Photo: yoga teacher puts a block under a student to support bridge
Ugonma helps JoAnn Crull-Watts get into supported bridge.


Photo: yoga teacher raises the foot of a student higher in wheel pose
Jennifer Apostolopoulos holds wheel a hell of a long time while Ugnoma suggests a modification for an advanced student


Photo: yoga teacher adjusts student
Carmen Boren gets the treatment from Ugonma while demoing Forward Bend.