Photos – our first attempt at yoga teaching

The six of us participating in the Thrive Yoga teacher training July intensive lured a small group of friends and family to the studio on Monday afternoon to allow us to lead our first yoga class under controlled conditions. We each took a 20 minute segment that included pranayama, asana and awareness.

Photo: yoga class in Warrior 2 pose
Jenny St. Clair leads her sequence of poses, including Warrior 2, a pose that is a lot harder than it looks.

Some of our family and friends had never done any yoga before so they were challenged.

Photo: yoga teacher has students lying on their mats
Jennifer Apostolopoulos has the group practice three-part breathing while they laid on the ground.

We soon realized that our best chance of teaching our trapped audience was getting them on the ground, on the mat. We can confirm that no one was injured during the class.

Photo: class at Thrive Yoga
We were humbled by the generosity of our friends and family who came to a class given by beginners.

You only teach yoga for the first time once. So we’ll all be better the next time.

As for me, I did far better than in my trial run, and even got the class to laugh a couple of times. I was still too stage-struck by being in front of 20 people. My sequence was the most demanding physically and complicated in matching cues to body movement for a multi-level group.