Photos of classes on Sanskrit, ayurveda, and pre-natal training

Photo: profile view of Pierre Couvillon
Outside teacher Pierre Couvillon is a long-stranding member of the Thrive Yoga team

This week we passed the midpoint of the yoga teacher training (YYT) at Thrive Yoga. On Wednesday, Pierre Couvillon flew in from Indiana to deliver a double whammy: Sanskrit and ayurveda. With utmost patience he coaxed and prodded us to give up clinging to our tortured pronunciation of asanas and the Yoga Sutras. Who knew that a language class could be as grueling, focused and liberating as our first taste of leading a yoga session, as we did on Monday. Certainly in two days, we were not going to master Sanskrit, but Pierre’s enthusiasm for the lanugage and his understanding of the surprising logic and consistency of Sanskrit let us appreciate the value to digging a little deeper, and he has made available audio files that will allow us to finetune our ears and minds.

Photo: teacher in front on yoga students on floor
Pierre leads the class through the alphabet and its phonetic foundation.


Repeat, repeat, repeat. Connect your vocal chords with the nadis spiraling up the spine.

Photo: teacher and students seated on the ground.
Pierre gave us an overview of the system of medical science that developed in India along side yoga.


We sat on the floor still our hips ached.

Photo: yoga class tried to empathize with pregnant women
The class tied blankets to our bellies to feel what it’s like carrying an eight-pound baby

Wads of blankets do not approach the difficulties of practicing yoga, but we did get the fundamentals of why it’s important for expectant mothers to start or continue their yoga regime.

Photo: a man reclines on a mat,, supported as if he were pregnant
The class had to stretch their imaginations to envision me as pregnant, but they did put me in an exquisite supported restorative pose on a bolster.

As the week wore on, all of us were drawn irresistibly towards deep restorative postures, guided meditation, and yoga nidra. I found that I could not get to sleep at night without first spending 30 minutes will my legs up the wall in my study.