Photo: yoga class in Warrior II pose
Learning yoga in a class setting has become standard in the United States

I’ve added a new page to the DC-area section of the site: yoga teacher training in the metropolitan Washington region. It pulls together all the links that I have in the local pages into one place with some additional commentary.  With so many people exploring how best to deepen their practice and also pass on the benefits to others, I felt that there was a lack of useful information and convenience.  I welcome any feedback or additional information.

With more time, I hope to turn this into a more valuable resources for the prospects of yoga in the region. Of course, first, I have to finish writing up my own experience as a trainee at Thrive Yoga. I had hoped to write regularly on the follow-up to the training since there was just so much that I did not get a chance to process. I find that the biggest rewards of writing come when I’ve gained some distance from the subject matter. But life has a way of resetting priorities and moving on to the next challenge.