Yoga pals forever

Last night four members of the Thrive Yoga Summer Intensive YTT got together at Yuan Fu Vegetarian Restaurant in Rockville for our first get-together. One member was excused because she was away at college and another one had gone to North Dakota for family matters. Two of us are actively pursuing our yoga teacher path, even if it means teaching a a fitness club or gym. The other two are stalling on completing requirements and assignments. We caught up on the details of our lives between the few classes we’ve shared since August. We acknowledged the thrill of expanding our yogic horizons. We firmed up our plans to see the yoga art exhibit at the Smithsonian.  We plotted how to move forward with our ambitions and dreams.

A good time was had by all. No pictures were taken for posting on Facebook to prove that this meeting actually took place, but we know it did. We remain convinced that that month of intensive sharing and learning was a milestone in our lives.

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