Audio tapes of Ravi Shankar leading the kriya

Priyanka asks whether I have access to Ravi Shankar Guruji’s audio tape of sudharshan kriya. If you have not taken the Art of Living Level One course (or gone to group sessions, which require that you take the intro course anyways), you will not have heard the taped audio of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar leading a class in this pranayama practice. It’s actually a longer, more intense version than the one done on a daily basis. And, of course, there is RS’s distinctive, high-pitched voice that becomes a metronome for your breathing.

This tape is reserved only for AOL courses and the group sessions that are led by certified AOL volunteers/instructors. It’s also called the “Long Kriya.” That means that the RS-led kriya happens under the AOL Foundation’s auspices. I am told that each year a new version of the tape is sent out. So if you want to get the full-blown show, you have to participate in AOL activities.

Priyanka, if you need help, get in touch with your instructor or attend a few of the group sessions. The first three steps of the daily practice are standard pranayama (yogic three-part breathing, Bastrika and Omkar) and can be found on the web or in yoga books. And don’t worry: it’s not a question of doing the kriya right or wrong. Just do it, and let the blessings flow.