Echos of the Violence-Fee, Stress-Free America event

PRESS RELEASE Campaign for a “Stress-Free, Violence-Free America” Launched at the Art of Living Foundation’s Gala Silver Jubilee Celebration at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. I did not see that the big event got much coverage in the U.S press. This Utah TV station did pick up something, but it was geared to an appearance by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Salt Lake City. Ironically, the event got more coverage in Asian media than in the States. Here is the official site of the event and another on a second one — Art of Living sites tend to proliferate.

Sri Sri has the same message in India as in the States: Ravi Shankar initiative to eradicate untouchability because the Dalit caste is still discriminated against in much of rural India, and perhaps still in the cities too.

By the way, the Washington headquarters has been completely refurbished and is now fully operational.