More on breathing

Alan Little again comments on an entry in this blog and an article by Kelly McGonigal. He makes clear that there is more to ujayi breath than just trying to sound as if you have asthma.

My acupuncturist, Kelly Welch, tells me that both in Western and Chinese medicine there’s not much known about the lympathic system.

For those who have not investigated the Art of Living side of the site, the daily practice includes deep, rhythmic breathwork. Three-part breathing with a 4-4-6-2 pattern ujayi breath; three rounds of bastrika (a bit complicated to describe in this short entry) and kriya sudarshan, which includes three rounds of slow (20 breaths), moderate (40 breaths) and rapid (40) breathing. Some observers say that the kriya technique is a form of hyperventillation. That might be the case at first, but after the first few session I have not noted any symptoms of hyperventillation. It’s 15-20 minutes of very active diaphragm movement — without having to breaking into a sweat as you would with exercise. I suspect that much of the benefit comes from the effect on the lymphatic system.

The Art of Living Foundation promotes kriya practice specifically for medical conditions, like cancer, HIV and depression. It says that it has medical research to back up these claims.