Yoga in Montomery Co., Maryland

Photo: several people practicing yoga in a class
A class at Thrive Yoga in Rockville.

Montgomery County is my stomping ground, but I don’t get to other yoga centers. The eastern half of Montgomery and Prince George counties seem to be under-served or there is a lack of information. I would welcome suggestions as to additional studios.

I have included some options as far out as Frederick, which is not Montgomery County  technically.


Bethesda-Chevy Chase

East of Rock Creek

Way Out There

Updated on August 13, 2013
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Photo: group of yogins practicing
Moving into stillness

6 thoughts on “Yoga in Montomery Co., Maryland

  1. Where are the Yoga studios in southern PG county? I would love to find some on my side of town, National Harbor, Ft. Washington area. Also, what about meditation classes or communities in southern PG?

    1. I’ve just added a Prince George’s County listing, but the pickings are slim. It seems there’s one vast yoga desert southeast of the Beltway I did not find a meditation center either.

  2. Don’t forget Prince Georges County! We have plenty of yoga out here too including community yoga, and yoga for children. Just over the NE border of DC in lovely Mt. Rainier (never heard of it? It’s 20 minutes from Dupont circle! you have probably passed it on the way to Ikea:) you will find Joe’s Movement Emporium Joe’s is a non-profit arts organization with 3 huge studios offering many yoga classes and other healing movement classes: Just 5 minutes further North in Hyattsville is Yoga space with primarily an Iyengar style classes as well as Pilates and Thai yoga massage: Namaste!

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