A bloody nose gets in the way of pranayama

The last two days I’ve been handicapped by having a bloody nose. It started late on Monday evening after a shower, and kept me from getting a good night’s sleep. The next day, I seemed to be doing OK, except when I started to do  bas­trika breath, my left nostril started to bleed again so I cut short my pranayama practice. These episodes have been controlled fairly easily, but I plan t consult a physician about this problem.

I’ve tried to trace my bloody nose to a change in diet, supplements or medication but have not found a good culprit to blame. Since I’ve revived my pranayama practice over the past week, that may be the cause because the vigorous air stream may dry out and irritate my nasal passage. In the past, I’ve probably gone over the edge in pushing and pulling air, but this time around, I’ve been staying more controlled.

I’ve never had a problem with nose bleeds until this year. I had one in April at work, but that seemed to be connected to the use of an antihistamine nasal spray for allergy season. I no longer use it.

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