A gathering of minds in LA

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: Cultivating Well-Being in the Present Moment [MLS: page no longer exists] is offered by UCLA Extension and Lifespan Learning Institute in collaboration with the Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and InsightLA on October 5-7. If you’re not going to fly to California on 24 hours notice, you might want to check out the speaker handouts page [MLS: page no longer exists]  because the convergence of interests is stirring up a lot of heat and insight. Some of the handouts are more detailed than just an outline. As mentioned here before, I am plodding my way through Sharon Begley’s Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain, and this conference offers similar material.

One speaker, Sarah Lazar from Harvard, has a site with her research information on meditation, called Meditation Research (catchy title). She has a link to New Yorker cartoons on yoga, always good for a yuk.