Putting my butt back on the ground

Last night I went to meditation class at Flow Yoga, with Hugh Byrne. I was surprised that I got through the whole sitting (must have been 20 minutes) without having to squirm in pain. My legs were numb by the end, but I could focus through that discomfort. The small studio room was packed with about 25 people. About 10 of them were first timers so there was an introductory slant to the class, with the previous sessions that I attended. But that’s alright, I feel fine with a “beginner’s mind” and once you get into the sitting, it’s what goes on inside that counts.

I find that a Monday meditation session is a good way to get the week started because after the first day of the work week, I find myself frustrated at the little progress that I was able to accomplish. The sitting helps me get my butt back on the ground.