Yoga hits Washington baseball team

The Nationals are my home town team so I guess I have to link to a story that appeared in the Washington Times:

It’s not a stretch to say yoga gaining popularity with Nationals “Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen and Bryce Harper also are among yoga devotees, with Harper and Storen big believers in Espinosa’s preferred Bikram yoga — a class that’s held in a room kept at 115 degrees.

Ryan Zimmerman, Jayson Werth and Steve Lombardozzi also participated in a once-weekly class at Nationals Park this offseason with strength and conditioning coach John Philbin and a private instructor.”

Each new season of every sport, we get a fresh crop of sport news about a professional (university or high school) ball player taking up yoga to improve his/her performance. It doesn’t matter what sport. I turned the TV on the other evening and the Tennis Channel was showing a feature on a tennis camp that included “mindfulness” in practically every instruction to the trainees. The science is pilling up so high now that an athlete may actually feel that not including yoga and related disciplines in a training regime puts him/her at a competitive disadvantage.