Learning to take care of myself again

Sorry for the long silence on this blog.

With the complications arising my injury, my daytime job and a pressing problem of an issue with the IRS, I’ve had little time for blogging. I took my first yoga class on Monday, but didn’t get back to Thrive Yoga until this morning. I had my evening practice to calm my spirit, but I don’t approach it in a way that can substitute my classes.

This year, I set my mind to maintaining a clear boundary between my daytime job and the rest of my life. My strategy was to get into the office at least 15 minutes before 9:00 so that I could get the most important tasks underway before the customary interruptions and distractions started. I also wanted to leave the office at 5:30, 5:45 at the latest, so that I could make it home early and fit in my yoga classes or the gym or running (in good weather) or tackle the obligations of modern life and family. In any case, I did not want my work routine to stretch into the evening.

At least, that was my intention, but it’s been really hard to extricate myself from the office on time. Too many hard-and-fast deadlines, and I don’t trust myself to do some catch-up work at home. On the other hand, I’ve also come to realize that as the day advances, my productivity declines, focus dissipates and energy flags. Part of that decline may be do to my lack of physical stamina, but it’s also a natural process unless something happens that gives me a spurt of adrenaline.

So I’ve had too many days in which I found a ready excuse for staying after quitting time. Add that to the need to dig into my perennially chaotic filing system and spotty record keeping because I had to straighten out the filings of two tax years.

40-day yoga challenge

As might be suspected, the 40-day challenge turned into a 30-day sprint plus rain-check because the injury to my hip flexors cut short my attendance at the studio, which removed a lot of the momentum for yogic discipline. The initial commitment to maintaining a steady, intense practice did allow me to taste the payoff on the mat so as soon as possible I am going to try to pick up the pace.

Lesson Learned

Looking back on the past three weeks, I can see that my physical and mental wellbeing began to slack off once I stopped doing my 40-day yoga challenge and other exercise routines and shortchanging my meditation. This just reinforces the idea that I have to take care of my health, whether that means keeping a strict 8-hour work  day, getting exercise or finding the means to make sure that my head, mind and soul are firmly attached to my body.