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The Web and yoga make a nice match: yoga thrives on a spirit of service, and the Web welcomes no- (or low-) cost resources. After all, yoga’s sacred texts have been around for centuries, if not millennium, so the original copyright has run out. I have listed these resources because they have been useful to me. The list is incomplete, transitory and slanted towards the beginner. I plan on improving the list gradually, but it will never be comprehensive.

Photo: young women in Chatarunga pose on yoga mat

It’s hard to be consistent across all the classification methods used to lay out these resources. A resource site may also sell props, books and CDs. A yoga studio’s site might also serve as a specific approach or a teacher training program. An online store may also have reference articles. Hopefully, my explanations will clarify and enrich the selection.

Note: I make spotty use of the acronym tag and title attribute to add clarity to some of the esoteric terms that predominate in yoga speak. Sanskrit is the source of most yoga terminology so lots of names are not of household use. Just float your cursor over the underscored text. I may also use an inline icon to draw attention to additional information.


Yoga Portals

Sites have emerged that provide services like studio/teacher directories, online forums, and resources, but they are also generating cash flow by selling yoga props, CDs, books and other merchandise. Those sites that are exclusively retail are on my Tracks page. I am also trying to separate approaches and studios to other sections.

  • a general resource site
  • Yoga Basics – Timothy Burgin has a polished site that is always adding new material. It has a premium content for a modest annual subscription fee ($25).
  • Directories: Yoga Directory ::: Yoga Finder
  • Yoga and Health
  • Santosha
  • Online Yoga Learning Center Has nearly 50 videos and audio files online for paying members. Caution: requires Internet Explore cuz the site’s navigation chokes on other browsers.
  • Yoga Site
  • Yoga Point: a site supported by Yoga Vidya Dham, an Indian organization
  • Web Directories: DMoz ::: Yahoo »» Yahoo Business :::

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