Health & therapy

  • Mind and Life Institute: An exploration and conversation between science and Buddhism, associated with the Dalai Lama.
  • Deepka Chopra: always seems to be on TV, translating eastern disciplines into western terminology.
  • HolisticOnline
  • BrainPlace – fascinating displays of the brain’s activities
  • Dr. Weil: a leading advocate of integral medicine and alternative healing
  • RealAge: I have taken the questionnaire and it said that I was 10 years younger than my chronological age. It’s an intriguing approach to health and wellbeing. I have a subscription to its monthly newsletter.
  • Dr. Timothy McCall medical consultant for Yoga Journal
  • Acupuncture: AAOM ::: ::: ::: SpiritPathPress I have been using acupuncture to treat my lower back pain, but find that treatments are like a feel-good elixir.

Therapeutic Approaches

Photo: a woman places hands on back of a supine yogini to help stretch out the spine.
An intense round of backbends needs to be counteracted with a release of muscular tension.

Not all these links are specifically yoga-related, but are different ways of dealing with bodywork and physical therapy. I probably should also include chiropractors and Chinese medicine (acupuncture), but they’re a lot easier to find than the techniques below. If you are interested in specific illness or conditions, do a search in Yoga Journal for a start.

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