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Cover art for Yoga Journal
September 2010

These days, there’s no lack of content about yoga, meditation, spirituality and their confluence with modern society, but only a handful of publications have lasted in print. We are including the classics (Yoga Journal) and the newbies (Illumine and Mantra Magazine), plus websites that aspire to go beyond a blog format. We’ve also included some of the periodicals that deal with wellness, spirituality, mindfulness and religion as they frequently venture into topics of interest to yoga practitioners. I’ve also set up a subcategory: regional publications or portals that focus on the yoga scene in metropolitan areas.

  • Yoga Journal: This is the long-running publication. I think of it as a kind of online encyclopedia of yoga. I subscribe to it and eagerly wait for each new issue. It’s list of contributors is a who’s who of the yoga world.
  • Mantra Magazine: just started up as print and online, for those who think YJ has gone too commercial.
  • Himalaya Institute’s Yoga + (Joyful Living), currently published as Yoga International  as ab online resource but no longer in print.
  • Namarupa, Categories of Indian Thought – this is really heavy stuff, but a window into contemporary philosophical and spiritual thinking in India.
  • Spirituality and Health, kind of ol’ school, but it’s survived.
  • Shambhala Sun: the magazine about waking up
  • Shambhala Publications: not a periodical, but a key publisher on yoga, Buddhism, Zen, and other matters. No association with Shambhala Sun


  • Yogi Times – Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Bali (?)
  • LA Yoga Magazine – the Southern California yoga scene, online issues back to 2011.
  • Yoga Chicago – Windy City’s own for 15 years, count ’em
  • Illumine: giving Chicago a great magazine all its own, and worth non-residents’ attention.


  • Ascend Magazine – no longer being published
  • Bindu magazine was published by Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School. It has some interesting articles and back issues are available online in PDF format.
  • FitYoga: part of Beth Shaw’s expanding sites of yoga life-style, but no longer magazine format.
  • Rodale’s iyoga life: Mind, body — get it together, now become a subdomain of Prevention, but don’t think it’s published as a standalone magazine.

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