This set of links is a hodgepodge of sites that are related to my interests. Health, wellness and personal growth and development — and trying to avoid the snake oil stuff. It also includes some of the standard places to buy yoga life style products, as well as music, video and other stuff. If you want to help defray some of the costs of maintaining this site, you can purchase from my Amazon Store.

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Yoga Props, Clothing, etc.

If you’re going to make a life style change, you have to change your buying habits so here is a list of places to start.

  • – Your source for yoga products, yoga clothing, yoga mats
  • Gaiam: consumerism for an alternative life style. I bought my first sticky mat and blocks from them.
  • Vickerey: yoga goods and paper, interesting combination, though pricey
  • Mats that don’t pollute (Every mat manufacturer now has eco-friendly models): Eco Yoga »» list of US distributors ::: Health and Yoga ::: Jade Yoga
  • Bheka
  • Tools for Yoga
  • YogaPro
  • HuggerMugger: created the first sticky mat in the States and has expanded into a variety of lines.
  • – where I bought my latest batch of props
  • PrAna: clothing for rock climbing and yoga, plus mats and other paraphernalia
  • Manduka – mats for the prefectionist practitioner: I use the Eko Mat and eQua full-size towel.
  • Yogitoes: a different take on a mat towel, perhaps more grip and sturdy. I put one in my suitcase, , less bulky, when traveling rather than carrying around a mat. I can throw it on a carpet and it works fine.
  • Lulelemon Athletics: see this clothing manufacturer’s manifesto to see where they are coming from. Although some doubt their conviction, considering how Lululemon has “gone corporate.”
  • Cushions and benches for meditation – check this out for the educative information before making a purchase


  • YogaPeeps: Lara Cestone interviews leading yoga instructors.
  • CDBaby – an eclectic catalogue of sounds and tunes that has not relationship to the big labels. CDs and downloads
  • MetaStation: broad selection of off-beat inspirations, but no big names.
  • Spirit Voyage: Kundalini music and other currents
  • SoundsTrue: audio, video and music for the inner life
  • Deva Premal and Miten: major influence in spiritual music
  • Krishna Das. Beliefnet has a long and good interview with him, plus several recordings of him chanting sacred kirtans.
  • Nutone Music: Music to inspire. This is a relatively new major label with eight of the most talent musicians, like David Stringer, Donna de Lory, Jai Uttal, David Newman (Durga Das)
  • Magnatune: Independent music
  • Yoga of Kirtan: Conversations on the Sacred Art of Chanting — a 500-page book and audio CD by Steven Rosen, featuring 21 interviews with musicians who draw on this tradition.
  • Yoga Therapy Web (Yoga Spirit) with information on health and healing, and audio downloads of leaders in the field of yoga therapy.


  • Natural Journeys carries all kinds of exercise videos (from belly dancing to Pilates), plus other products.
  • Pranamaya – great videos of Dharma Mittra, Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Andre Lappa, Edward Clark, Gary Kraftsow, Mark Horner, Nischala Joy Devi, Jill Milleri. David Newman does kirtan.
  • YogaDownloads: an amazing selection of podcasts and on-demand videos. Asana visuals
  • YogaVibes: a selection of yoga instructors with streamed video and several payment formulas. It also has a beginner’s series and shorter, free videos.

Yoga Documenetaries

  • Yoga Unveiled:: Evolution and Essence of a Spiritual Tradition. This is a DVD (2 disk set) of yoga superstars explaining how the cultures of India and the United States are meeting.
  • Enlighten Up: an excellent film about a novice and a film maker looking for truth in yoga. Order DVD
  • Living Yoga: The Life and Teachings of Swami Satchidananda. This guru was a major influence from the 60s, and his Yogavilla ashram is close to DC.
  • TITANS OF YOGA: (yes, all caps) 25 teachers explain why yoga is important. this was originally released during Yoga Month 2010.
  • Yoga Inc. A Journey Through the Big Business of Yoga (2008)

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