A studio owner tells her story about “business success”

FoxBusiness.com The Business of Yoga will probably strike many yoga purists as another example of crass commercialism. But the growth of Gina Norman’s Kaia Yoga from a single studio to three wellness centers over four years shows how their understanding of yoga guided them along a path of personal truth:

Our business has been so successful because we realize that yoga classes are just the start to supporting all aspects of a person’s being. This lifestyle approach leaves room for endless growth within our business model. In a world that is increasingly speeding up and overmedicating to deal with unhappiness and stress, our business is a breath of fresh air. An individual can find a yoga class, a green juice, a massage, a workshop or a relaxing yoga trip to Costa Rica. There are never-ending options for personal growth, healing, embodiment and mindfulness for everyone.

Gina Norman’s holistic approach actually opens up multiple income streams, as they like to say in business school, and made the company more resilient to get through tough times.

I have vowed to avoid writing about news stories on yoga, but this one is important because it provides a fresh point of view of the discussion about the viability of yoga in America.